Episode 62

Track by Track - Pain of Salvation's PANTHER


September 16th, 2020

1 hr 9 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

This week, Dave and Hoggy discuss the new single for Chaos Divine, the controversy surrounding Ebonivory, the latest ideas around Sydney nightlife. Then we discuss new songs from Mark Kelly's Marathon, The Flower Kings, Turning the World. Then we go track by track on Pain of Salvation's PANTHER and discuss Tim Bowness' new album, Late Night Laments.


New Facebook page for the show

Chaos Divine's new single, Beacon

The Nine Eight Podcast interviews Chaos Divine


Wild Thing Presents statement

Ebonivory statement

Sydney nightlife plan

Amelia - Mark Kelly’s Marathon

The Flower Kings new record

Tuning the World - Prism/Prisn

Pain of Salvation - Panther

Samurai Guitarist - How Guitarists Can Fake It on Other Instruments

Pain of Salvation - Scarsick

Tim Bowness - Late Night Laments

Album Reviews

Fates Warning - FWX

Auto Reconnaissance by The Tangent

For Dave - Ulver: Flowers of Evil

For Hoggy - Sonic Birth: Progressive Souls Collective

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